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Frame it!

Best Frames Online to Showcase Your FAB New Art!

"How do you find such great frames?"

That's a question I get asked ALL the time!

Personally, any time I am out and about - whether it's thrifting, at a craft shop, or boppin' around TJMax- I ALWAYS check the frame section! There are a lot of gems out there waiting to get snatched up! Vintage frames, new ones, or even a frame in a color I'm not crazy about (gold paint changes everything) are all fair game.

But I get it! Not everyone has the time or desire to go hunting. AND, over the holidays, if you're giving art as a gift? You're going to want a quick, convenient buy to frame up that beauty and present it proudly to your loved one (or to yourself!☺️)


Here's the best gold frames I have found on the internet!

I'm giving you the luxury of seeing my art in the frame of each link I provide!

ALSO- None of these are affiliate links, just cool stuff I found and wanted to share with you all! :D

✨8x10 Frames✨

1. BEST PRICE for 8x10 - KOHL'S!

This one is nearly identical to the frame I used for my product photos!

It's on sale right now for $6 which is crazy!

Is that not an incredible deal?!

If you like this style, there's also a similar (Maybe nicer color) one at JoAnn's on sale for about $15!

Ya'll better grab these before I do!

2. Most Impressive 8x10 - AMAZON

This frame has a wider profile, which can bring loads of presence to your 8x10!

I LOVE the effect!

Adding a chunkier style of frame to a small piece of art really takes it up a notch- it makes the art feel bigger, somehow!

You can find this one HERE!

At $34, the price is well worth it, in my opinion!

3. Most Curvy 8x10 - AMAZON!

This is a really fun one!

Adding a frame that's not quite rectangular to your wall really offers a charming, unique touch to a space!

Almost every frame is a plain ol rectangle...

This adds voluptuous emphasis to the artwork in a world of straight lines!

At $25, this is a price performer AND something that looks like a unique vintage find. Definitely a standout, and maybe my favorite!

✨11x14 Frames✨

1. Most Delicate 11x14 - Amazon!

A great buy at $39, I love the curving edges of this one!

There are also little cutouts in the filgrees at the corners. Gorgeous!

Find it HERE!

2. Most Baroque 11x14 - Hobby Lobby!

This one is on sale now for an INCREDIBLE price-

Just $28! It's like half-off!

They have other sizes available, too, some of which are only available in-store.

So if you're lucky enough to live in a town,

(not in the wilderness like me 😆) that has a Hobby Lobby, I'd be running down there and snagging a 16x20 as well!

Find it HERE!

2. Most Fae-Folk 11x14 - Amazon!

This one is really cool.

Rich with carving details, this nice thick textural feeling looks superb!

It's $45, so not exactly inexpensive, but a gorgeous companion to a fab piece of art!

Find it HERE!

It reminds me of an old English cottage in the forest!

✨16x20 Frames✨

1. Slim Profile Arched 16x20- JoAnn!

Everybody loves an arch, right?!

Elegant and romantic! This would be a STUNNING option for a larger piece!

On sale for only $30 (?!?!?!) right now,

This is probably the best deal for the most unique 16x20 frame out there!

Find this beauty HERE!

2. Simple & Timeless 16x20- Target!

This is a 16x20 frame that comes with a mat for an 11x14 size print!

Just $30, which is a steal for a frame this size!

Personally, I LOVE the look of artwork taking up the entire frame, but you could also use this with the mat for a smaller piece- Giving it a more airy feel!

Simple, elegant, and would go with ANY decor.

Find it HERE!

✨18x24 Frames✨

There are a lot of really magnificent 18x24 frames (and 16x20's, too!) on Etsy, Ebay and even Amazon- the catch with these ones is that often they do not come with a backing or glass. For this size, you may want to take your frame and print to a local frame shop.

No Glass?? Here's an option!

Have the print mounted on foam board!

I've had this done a number of times. Simply mounting the print onto foam board that fits inside your frame of choice can be a really good option if you want to splurge on the frame, but don't really want the glass.

I had this done professionally by a local frame shop in San Francisco, they use archival quality glue and everything. Looks beautiful! Check if your local place will do it.

Or, you can choose to put it in a large poster frame!

This is a great option, too- and there are a surprising number of decent poster frames at Michael's, Target, and even (GASP!) Walmart! You can get creative and paint them.

Hope this has helped anyone looking for that perfect frame!

Whether it's for a gift for a loved one, or a gift to YOURSELF, these gold frames are everything!



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