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*BLUE SHADOWS* Official Music Video is now here on my site.

Check it out.

Back in November, I released a new song and accompanying music video.

It's the first music video I've done, and after finishing it, I'm hooked on making video art.

"Blue Shadows" represents just the very beginning of my foray into this new art form- in fact, I am currently planning for the next video - making costumes and designing sets, gathering lighting tools and props, and letting my imagination run wild.

Check some stills from "Blue Shadows", as well as a link to the video below.


you can also find this under

portfolio/golden evil , then click 'music videos' on my menu on this website.


"Blue Shadows" - written / recorded / composed / shot by yours truly, in 2021.

Guitar featuring Rex Shelverton of Bellavista.


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