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{faq's are below, fyi, omg.}

you can reach me at
or hit me up on the 'gram (with non-sales-related queries)

have a nice day



FAQ's, maaan.

are your big, amazing originals for sale?
Yas of course! You can see what's available for sale in >portfolio >available art.
I have select things available.  Email me for serious sales inquiry.
PLEASE DO NOT dm me about an expensive piece of art on instagram! :)
Send that question in a proper email, please! :)

Prints are available in my shop NOW!  If you have a question about your order, email me at

can I get a discount?
We can chat about a discount on Original art. 
I occasionally will have sales on my Shop items, keep up with me on instagram and my email list to stay in the loop! 

Can I pay for original art in installments?
YEA!  Email me and we can see what works for us both.

Where can I see your art now?
I will be showing artwork in and around Joshua Tree, CA in the near future. Keep in touch via the email list (sign up above!) and on instagram!

Do you take commissions?
I have stopped taking custom work for the foreseeable future, in favor of working on my own new ideas.

how about album art?
Typically I am too busy with my own projects to take on extra work- but it doesn't hurt to email me and ask! :)  At this point I'd be more inclined to license an existing piece of artwork for use for album art, than to create a brand new custom piece.

Do you have a cv or something?
Indeed, you can find it in photo essay format under >portfolio >showing off (lolz)
Can I share your art?
Yes you can!  Just make sure you are doing it right by clickin the ol >legal tab.
Can I use your artwork for part of a school project?
that sounds sick, and I would like you to run it by me first, email me :D

Can I camp on your land?
I ain't no air bnb.  Unless I specifically invite you, you're not invited.
I highly value my
private life in the middle of nowhere.

For all other inquiries (such as "how dare you wear real fur" or "you should be using your *platform* for social justice" or "I would like to steal from you please")...
Direct your comments to the overlord.  He'll take care of my fate.
ey, I'm not here to please everyone! ;) 

Ok, thanks LOVE YOU! <3

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