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Adorn your walls with POWERFUL artwork-

straight from MY DREAMS TO YOUR EYES!





8x10,  11x14,  16x20,  18x24.




for best results, unroll and weigh down with a clean, heavy coffee table book for 24 hours before framing.

Slight variations in cropping will occur based on size / aspect ratio ordered.



These exquisite images were a joy to create, and I know you’ll take great joy in living your life with them!

Hey. Our homes should be fun for us to live in.  Whatever your home looks like, or however you want it to feel, the ART you live with can enhance your enjoyment of home and just make you feel ALIVE!  The environment we find ourselves in (that we get to create for ourselves!) is a crucial aspect of the sense of contentment we get out of life.  And, the art we live with says something unique about us.  It inspires us, uplifts us, and sets the tone for our lives.  I think that’s so important!  If you’re on the fence, come over to this side!  Grab yourself some totally unique artwork that will jumpstart something new within you.

"Fullness in the Void" Art Print, 4 Sizes

PriceFrom $25.00
  • *4 Easy-to-Frame Sizes

    *Lustrous Photo Paper Prints

    *Ships Rolled

    *Cropping May Vary Slightly per Size / Shape Ordered

    *Due to my print providers, your order may come in separate packages if you order multiple items

  • "This Astral Presence - Fullness in the Void"

    Fullness in the Void... We often imagine a horror of "the void"- this expanse of emptiness, nothingness, loneliness... this concept, and our imaginary interaction with it, causes strange fears to arise in human beings.  it causes people to cling to things that don't serve them.  To manipulate situations to their favor.  To gather possessions, people, experiences... to gather opinions and preferences, cling to identity, and walk through life with balloons tied to every apendage so as not to fall into some terrible nothingness.  We feel we must be something, stand for something, DO something- or else, what?!  Become NOTHING?!

    But experientially, there is no such thing as "void."  No such thing as nothing, no such thing as empty.  Everywhere we look, there is an infinite FULLNESS- Even in perfect quietness, we are SURROUNDED by silence, not lacking in sound...  The void is imaginary.   To see this fullness and subtlety all around us and within us is the antidote to the boogeyman of the void.  

    Stand boldly in what you think is emptiness and feel the power of being there.  It is full of beauty, magic, depth... do not be afraid to abide there.  

    The series "This Astral Presence" was based on a series of reoccuring dreams I had, wherein I was entrusted to guard and steward a series of mystical portals in another dimension, here in the wilderness in my desert backyard. 

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