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Third Eye Portrait II


🌞PLEASE NOTE- the frame pictured is not the frame included. If you read this, wait a couple of days to purchase this item so that I can provide you with the accurate photo of the frame!  


🌟This 8x10 Acrylic Painting was part of a series of playful studies, created in the first week of the big Lockdown of 2020. 


🌟With no ability to source materials or print photographs for my traditional (at the time) collage practice, I decided to loosen up with these paintings - all while stressing out about getting enough toilet paper and bread, and being scared of other human beings in crowded gorcery stores in the Mission in San Francisco. 


🌟These were some of the last artworks I made in San Francisco before high-tailing it to the desert, where, after a year and a half hiatus from art making, I was finally able to build my own art studio and get back to work creating!


🌟In many ways, these third eye portraits were a reflection on looking forward, seeing the possibilities that laid ahead, within a very dark season.  


🌟May this portrait inspire your own inner sight, seeking out the ways forward that your soul intuitively knows! ✨




🌈Frame is included

🌈Ships within 1-2 weeks of purchase

🌈If you prefer a different frame, I can source one for you.  This may add an additional 1-2 weeks before shipping, and you can Paypal me the cost for the new frame!  Just send me an email if this is your preference.


Third Eye Portrait II, 8x10Painting on Canvas

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