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"The Super Duper Holy Bible"


Written and designed in 2016, this was originally inspired by christian religious handouts or pamphlets that are intended to convert the recipient.  I first designed a miniature flip-book style "Super Duper Holy Bible" that I stapled together and handed out at music festivals, or just left about San Francisco in hopes of spreading the gospel of the ZING (the spiritual experience that zapped me in 2013 and was the apparent cause of my becoming Enlightenment Barbie).


When I decided to make this into a more flushed out booklet, the execution was even better.  Thus was born this Zine.


This book is effectively my origin story as an artist- filled with vibrant colors, pithy sayings, a dash of irreverence, and an early description of my "BIG ZING" transformative spiritual experience.

If you're into trippy stuff, this little collectible is for you.


"The Super Duper Holy Bible" Art Zine

  • 5x8 "

    40 Pages

    A softcover art zine with a glossy finish cover.

    Full of artwork, writing, and irreverent joy.

  • Grab your copy of   "THE SUPER DUPER HOLY BIBLE"  TODAY!



    *Are you sick

    of wallowing around in your castle of personhood?


    *Are you yearning for more,

    without needing to find answers?


    *Are you sick and tired

    of *MUSHY* spirituality?


    *Ready for a ZING?



    Then grab a copy of this slightly irreverent, probably blashpemous,



    The Gospel According to Enlightenment Barbie is a favorite among...

    -College students


    -Spiritual Burnouts

    -Ex Christians

    -And YOU!  ;)


    Grab a copy for your library today

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