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"The Star" 2018.

20x30" Painting.

Acrylic painting on paper, cold pressed to archival foam board, set in frame

(Frame is included!)


🌟Enlightenment Barbie does Tarot in this interperetation of one of my favorite cards, "The Star."


🌟The Star woman in my interperetation sits at a desert oasis pool, pouring liquid rainbows from her cups as jaguars crawl behind her.  This piece certainly references the tarot- but it also represented my longing to escape to the desert- where I knew, even in 2018, my cups would overflow and I could find a sense of deep, lasting, profound personal power.


🌟Although I have used a reference photo of myself for this painting, the resulting archetype is not me.  Even I don't see her as "me".  Rather, I have used a convenient-to-photograph subject to transform into something greater.  A representation of the beautiful depths found beneath the desert stars.




🌈Payment Plans are an option! Email me to discuss this.

🌈Frame is included 

🌈Ships within 1-2 weeks of purchase

🌈Price is negotiable when purchasing more than one piece of art- email me if you would like to purchase multiple pieces!  I'd be happy to work out a price for multiple pieces purchased together! :)


"The Star" Painting on Paper, 20x30"

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