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"The Romance of Death"  2018.

24x36" Painting.

Acrylic painting on paper, cold pressed to archival foam board, set in frame

(Frame is included!)



Get in touch with me via Email before purchasing!  I need to get to know the person buying my favorite piece.


🌟This Saint (Reminiscent of Saint Sebastian the Martyr) Is shot by arrows that do not kill her.  She has plucked one from her side to examine the thing that has tried to slay her, and, almost lazily, she peers at the flowing prismatic pain that she has suffered.  In her hand she holds a Memento Mori... In the background, angels of death, holding daggers march towards her.  Will she die, or transcend this experience?


🌟This hugely symbolic piece plays with themes of transformative pain, and the way we choose to hold pain in our minds and spirits.  Will we let it break us, or ecstatically change us?  


🌟"Death" can largely be thought of as parts of us dying, to be reborn new.  And, in my own case, fighting off death was a daily practice- trying to orient myself towards brightness while being captive to a brain that lied to me with impulses to end it all.


🌟Made in the same time period as "Mirror Eyes", but executed (pun intended?) in an entirely different way, this Saint is very personal to me and my journey to transcend the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.  The piece also speaks deeply to every soul who sees it- it has an extraordinarily unique ability to touch the experience of being any human.  


🌟My price is firm on this one.


🌈Payment Plans are an option! Email me to discuss this.

🌈Frame is included, and boy is it beautiful!

🌈Ships within 1-2 weeks of purchase

🌈PLEASE Reach out to me before purchase, as I'd like to know personally who will be hanging this in their home, and that it will be taken care of forever.


"The Romance of Death" Painting on Paper, 24x36""

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