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The Enlightenment Barbie “Lucid Dream” Oracle Deck


Explore my symbolic universe with this 78 card deck of stunning oracles from my imagination to your eyes.

Created in 2017, this deck is a great way to explore my early artwork while relishing in self reflection and exploring your own inherent intuition!


… About The Deck …


Wherever we go in life, whatever we do, whatever we perceive, and whatever we feel, can be experienced with lucidity.  On our unique emotional and spiritual paths, it is often overwhelming to try and grasp the millions of sensations we come into contact with and to make sense of them.  The purpose of this deck is to offer a rich visual toolkit for you to tap into and strengthen your intuition on your own path, as well as glimpse the spirit of others around you.  


Each card holds an image of one of my artworks - 78 in total - and each image connotes a meaning.  While I have taken the time to create descriptions for each of these cards, I also invite my fellow witches and wizards to find and create their own meaning  through the images and names on the cards - because each one of us comes with a distinct flavor of spirituality and approach to life.  Therefore, what might strike a certain chord for me, might strike a different chord for another.

 (The link to read these descriptions online will be provided to you on a slip that ships with your deck.)


As with any quality of experience, multiple perceived meanings may arise from any one card.  For the purposes of reflection, I have described each card in terms of what it signifies to me in terms of “light” and “dark.”  This is not to say that anything “light” is favorable, or that “dark” is unfavorable. Rather, many qualities of experience can be understood as two sides to the same coin.  The descriptions of the cards offer fellow witches and wizards to ponder which aspect of the experience suggested in the card rings most true for them, and to interpret the cards based on intuition.


This is an inherently positive deck, meaning that through reading the cards, one may discover a rich inner world that is FULL of variety, intrigue, and jumping-off-points with which to explore reality more meaningfully.  


Ultimately, this deck is meant to offer a juicy, in-depth look into the self, and into one’s own experience of the gloriously complex worlds that exist within and without, above and below.


May you find everlasting lucidity,


The "Lucid Dream" Oracle Tarot

$70.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
  • Only 19 Left For Sale!

    This deck was printed originally in 2017.  I still have very few decks left, and after these remaining decks sell, the deck will probably be

    out of print forever! 

    Grab this awesome collector's favorite while you can!  =)

  • *Full Color Images

    *78 Cards

    *Gold Gilt Edges 

    *Shipped in Purple Velvet Pouch

    *Website With Card Meanings

    *Few Left In Stock!


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