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"Portal To Juniper Ridge"  From the "Portals" Series.

Joint Compound and Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 2023.


🌞PLEASE NOTE! This piece is shown FRAMED, 

HOWEVER- It currently does not have its own frame.  

Should you decide to purchase this piece, I can source a frame like this (I think I know where to purchase the exact frame pictured) and I will happily include that in your purchase!


🌞ALSO PLEASE NOTE - Local delivery or pickup only.  The material is delicate in some places, which I don't trust not to be damaged during shipping.  Please email me and we can arrange for local pickup or delivery! 🎨. Bonus - it's FREE! :)



🌟In 2023 I created a series of three very loose, free-form pieces for a show at La Matadora Gallery in Joshua Tree.  I deliberately decided to loosen up and allow myself to make something much more stream-of-consciousness, attempting to open myself to the messages of my dreams and the spirit world.  


🌟The result were these dark and invigorating pieces depicting a recurring dream I had been having about angels in a parallel universe on my property and in the surrounding mountains, who guarded portals along the prismatic lakes and ponds.


🌟They are, indeed, quite different from my previous work- but I believe allowing oneself to experiment and do something different, allows for expansion.


🌟I dearly love these pieces, and they make a stunningly unique and unusual group when hung, all three, together.




Please send me an email and I will be happy to arrange a discount for the three together!  They really do belong together. 🥰



🌈Payment Plans are an option! Email me to discuss this.

🌈Frame is included (as previously stated, I will source a frame for you)

🌈Local Pickup or Local Delivery Only- High Desert Region - Contact me after purchasing to arrange this!

🌈Because I must first source the frame, please allow 2-3 weeks till I can deliver the piece to you.  :) 


"Portal To Juniper Ridge" Mixed Media Painting On Canvas, 24x36"

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