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"Nocturne" 2019.

13x16" Painting.

Acrylic painting on paper, cold pressed to archival foam board, set in frame

(Frame is included!)


🌟Spawning from an earlier Frida-inspired self portrait collage piece featuring my head on a wounded deer, this piece hits a little happier.


🌟"Nocturne" (French "Of The Night") was first used to describe 18th century musical pieces, usually to be played at night.  To me it is a serenade, a dream, a hauntingly beautiful thing.   This piece invoked for me the hauntingly beautiful dream of becoming a creature in a garden, beaming with light and innocence, untouched by the fray of civilization...



🌈Payment Plans are an option! Email me to discuss this.

🌈Frame is included 

🌈Ships within 1-2 weeks of purchase

🌈Price Is Negotiable when purchasing multiple artworks.  Email me to discuss!



"Nocturne" Painting on Paper, 13x16"

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