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Adorn your walls with POWERFUL artwork-

straight from MY DREAMS TO YOUR EYES!





8x10,  11x14,  16x20,  18x24.




for best results, unroll and weigh down with a clean, heavy coffee table book for 24 hours before framing.

Slight variations in cropping will occur based on size / aspect ratio ordered.



These exquisite images were a joy to create, and I know you’ll take great joy in living your life with them!

Hey. Our homes should be fun for us to live in.  Whatever your home looks like, or however you want it to feel, the ART you live with can enhance your enjoyment of home and just make you feel ALIVE!  The environment we find ourselves in (that we get to create for ourselves!) is a crucial aspect of the sense of contentment we get out of life.  And, the art we live with says something unique about us.  It inspires us, uplifts us, and sets the tone for our lives.  I think that’s so important!  If you’re on the fence, come over to this side!  Grab yourself some totally unique artwork that will jumpstart something new within you.

"My Lord, The Sun" Art Print, 4 Sizes

PriceFrom $25.00
  • *4 Easy-to-Frame Sizes

    *Lustrous Photo Paper Prints

    *Ships Rolled

    *Cropping May Vary Slightly per Size / Shape Ordered

    *Due to my print providers, your order may come in separate packages if you order multiple items


    In the depths of winter, this cold dark winter, I began to sing a song to the sun while I walked- to keep warm and keep the faith in my sun god who would eventually fill the summer skies again.


    "These winter nights have gone too long,

    My Lord, The Sun turns dusk to dawn.

    Thy sabath season I await,

    To gaze upon thy spectral gates."


    As the summer solstice approaches, the sun has nearly made his long journey across the horizon.  He brings with him his glory of warmth and fills the earth with flowers, brightens my face and brings forth life. In the summer his gaze is relentless, harsh and terrifying but full of fierce love. I hide from his power in the shade and in the shadow of passing storm clouds, but it won’t be long till he sinks south and is obscured by the mists again- when I will yearn for his wrathful rays over and over again.

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