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"Mirror Eyes" 2019.

24x36" Painting.

Acrylic painting on paper, cold pressed to archival foam board, set in frame

(Frame is included!)


🌟"Mirror Eyes" is a true self portrait.  Unlike many of my other pieces that use my visage as a convenient-to-photograph reference, this "selfie" is a deep dive into my private world circa 2019.  I didn't know it at the time, but I was painting a time capsule...


🌟In 2019 I suffered greatly, due to believing strongly in the limited label of my diagnosis - Bipolar disorder.  Doctors and therapists worked with me, to get me to cling to the "emotions" my disordered brain was feeding me- obsess over them- beat a dead horse in talking about them - become them.


🌟When I fired them (aka quit therapy and quit the Psychiatrist without paying them) I had decided triumphantly, and against the advice of any doctor ever, to fix myself on my own.


🌟I had my plants, and gardening on my roof deck and in my living room made me understand that I could nurture- maybe I could even nurture myself- and between painting and gardening and dealing with the awful people I had attracted into my life (as a result of my assuming that I was broken) I smoked cigarettes, I drank, I cried, I laughed, I tried to continue on, each agonizingly beautiful day.


🌟And every once in a while, with a hint of hope and strength, I would turn to myself in the mirror and say, "You're gonna be ok, kid."


🌟This one is deeply personal.  Especially because I have transcended all that bullshit now (HUZZAH!).  It's about scant moments of hope, scant glimpses of light, and the tiny nearly invisible steps I took each day though the darkness, to finally come out the other side into great personal power- no longer clinging to the definitions of brokenness that were thrust upon me at certain points in my life.  It is about knowing that somehow, some way, the present moment is not the end-all be-all - no - everything shifts, and if we walk it out well, it can shift EVERYTHING into beauty- even on the tough days. 🌞



🌈Payment Plans are an option! Email me to discuss this.

🌈Frame is included, and boy is it beautiful!

🌈Ships within 1-2 weeks of purchase

🌈Price is negotiable when purchasing more than one piece of art- email me if you would like to purchase multiple pieces!  I'd be happy to work out a price for multiple pieces purchased together! :)


"Mirror Eyes" Painting on Paper, 24x36""

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