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FAQ's, maaan.

are your big, amazing originals for sale?
Yas of course. You can see what's available for sale in >portfolio >available art.
currently all my stuff is either in storage (along with all my clothes and furniture), or being looked after by a friend or gallery- My art studio is being built soon, so, soon I can resume sales of original art.

I have actually decided to close my store, because I want to be able to be completely devoted to creating my new body of handmade work. I MAY POSSIBLY pivot to Patreon, so stay tuned. (Those of you that have the tarot deck or any prints, consider yourselves lucky!)

can I get a discount?
maybe - let's talk about it! send me an email and an offer.

Can I pay for original art in installments?
YEA!  Email me and we can see what works for us both.

Where can I see your art now?
I have art being shown at PianoFight SF, Parlor Gallery in Jersey, Mystic Rose in Fairfax CA.  Keep tabs on the 'gram for updates on shows n stuff.

Do you take commissions?
No, I usually don't, anymore.  If you have mega dollars we can talk tho.

how about album art?
I can do that- I usually do stuff like that for friends, or if I really dig the music.
But if I don't have time or don't feel like it, (lol) I won't. buuut It's fine to ask!

Do you have a cv or something?
Indeed, you can find it in photo essay format under >portfolio >showing off (lolz)
Can I share your art?
Yes you can!  Just make sure you are doing it right by clickin the ol >legal tab.
Can I use your artwork for part of a school project?
that sounds sick, and I would like you to run it by me first, email me :D

Can I camp on your land?
Do I know you?  No?  Then No. I ain't no air bnb

For all other inquiries (such as "how dare you wear real fur" or "you should be using your *platform* for social justice" or "I would like to steal from you please", you can take a long walk off a short pier and get devoured by sharks then kiss satan's ass when you wind up in hell, and I'll see you there in a few years and answer those questions at that point.
Ok, thanks LOVE YOU! <3