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🔮The deep, dark woodlands of the mind come to the fore in the “Wilderness Witch” Kimono!

..... STYLING .....


🔮Wear it on a dark autumn night as you scribble in your spell book - wear it with leather and lace to a rock show and spellbind the night- wear it at your favorite festival & take everyone on a wild trip with you- Or, of course, wear it on the night of the full moon as you meditate on the power of the rugged wilderness beyond!


🔮(Disclaimer- Wearing this garment during ordinary activities causes said activities to become infused with MAGIC!  Doing the dishes, reading the news, or doing makeup… EVERY experience is, truly, part of the all-inclusive magic of being alive. <3)


🔮Made using sublimation dye technique - the colors will stay vivid, like you!

🔮Hand wash or use the delicate cycle, hang to dry.  Steam to remove wrinkles (best method), or iron on low.

🔮Satin / Imitation Silk- Polyester spandex blend

🔮Designed by Gillian Keller - Golden Evil WizardWear, in Pioneertown, CA

"Wilderness Witch" Kimono- Golden Evil WizardWear

Pre Order Only! Order till September 30th!
  • 🔮The deep, dark woodlands of the mind come to the fore in the “Wilderness Witch” Kimono!


    🔮This delightfully spooky & spellbinding, devilish & dramatic silken robe sweeps you into the haunted beyond.


    🔮Branches of red roses, faded animal bones, deer with crystalline crowns, and the divine witch of the wilderness, herself- adorned with baphomet-esque sheep horns - blend together to create a hauntingly beautiful, obscure and poetic piece of wearable art for most occasions.  ;)


    🔮Designed using digital collage and my own art and photographs.

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