. showing off .


{aka my cv or whatevs}

Do u thnk it's BS? DM me in the IG

And I'll uh, discuss it w/u.


top coolest things:

stARTup art fair

LA x3

SF x1

spoke on a panel discussion in la one time about women in art.

Had very popular rooms every year, 

had fun,

sold stuff,

somehow got the glowing altar to work after blowing some fuses in the old hotel

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 1.46.06 PM.png

top coolest things:

showed an entire wall of art at Conception art fair Miami during Art Week

chuck close saw my art

almost had my shipping crate get lost on the way back but 


fun fact- my good friend lives with a guy who has a chuck close painting. my friend has a painting of mine.  So... there's actually like no degrees of separation, right?

I forget how that works. hm.


top coolest things:

showed new mermaid artworks and others at Southside Spirit House in SF SOMA dist-

got a cocktail named after me- *gillian's island*

SUCK IT grade school bullies!


top coolest things:

first time I showed my current style of art in 2014, was at Public Works Roll up Gallery in sf.

the next time I showed it there in 2019, I was also playing in a band opening up for big brother & the holding co.  



top coolest things:

sent my mermaid pieces to Parlor Gallery in New Jersey 

and had a previous buyer of my faaavorite piece ever sell it to someone else thru this gallery for a profit-

or is it a prophet? 

damn.  Well she did a nice investment.

3k-5k!  Good on ya, lady.

but it looked cooler in ur house 100% I bet


top coolest things:

long time open studios artist in 1890 Bryant, SF

a few people ended up friends, some of them liked me, but my studio mate was pissed because my art was to shiny for her clientelle.

I loved being in that building.


makin that cash at several different shows at Dolores Park Cafe, SF CA

makin mad cash and lasting impressions over multiple shows at Etcetera Wine Bar

SF Mission Dist.


showing and selling this amazing piece at Modern Eden Gallery, North Beach SF


renegade style art installation of three shrines at Desert Daze fest. in Joshua Tree


Shows at 111 minna, wonderland sf, 

multiple pop ups,

and member of city art gallery on Valencia in SF


Top coolest things:
Got to move to the desert, onto 4 acres of undeveloped land next to the wilderness, build my own art studio, and get the hell out of the city.



what else can I tell you?

I've been written about here and there,

I've been featured in the SF chronicle,

I was apparently in french vogue once...

I was showing at three different places in SF before the pandemic hit.  I was showing art all the time all over town.

I even got to create an art installation room at the Midway in SF for NYE when little dragon was performing.  I hit the open bar pretty hard so I forgot to take photos. but I got a photo of the outfit.

and I had the cutest apartment ever (according to me)

Before I was making this kind of art, I was a fashion photographer for small brands, and I was an artist's assistant to some fine people in 1890 Bryant street named John Warren Travis and Jonah Burlingame.


I'm known for being a rather iconic dresser.

The kind of person who wears things, not the kind who stores clothes.  (But I do have a large wardrobe.)

I was also in some bands for a couple of years and somehow made an album of my own recently, and it's a damn good album.

I got a bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Idaho, where I focused on painting and collage, while working as an assistant to Beth Cavener (the sculptor featured in hi fructose) - I engineered the leather surrounding these forms of organs seen in her series that sold out at Miami Art week back in 2009.

I also worked at the local gallery as a docent.

And, I worked at a&w root beer while going through a divorce.  Nice.

Graduated at the top of my class and 99% of my professors hated me because I was a smart ass.


I was voted most artistic in my senior year of high school.

In 6th grade they teased me for drawing too many cartoons, but I still beat them all on the fitness tests and got really good grades, so...

as a kid I was passionate about time travel and animals.

My first memories are of the desert southwest.

Before that, idk You're going to have to consult the akashic records or whatever, cause man, I don't even remember that far back.

I do know I had a dinosaur cake on my 2nd birthday though.

Have a nice day!